Our Homeschooling Plans (2012-2013)

Math — We use Abeka for our math, except for in high school when we use Life of Fred. My oldest son will be finishing Advanced Algebra and moving into Trigonometry.

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Abeka Books 7th grade

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  • Jacksonville Christian Academy – Just another bbcjax Sites. Jacksonville Christian Academy is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church here in Jacksonville Arkansas, just minutes from the Little Rock Air Force Base.
  • Abeka | Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective Inspire learning & teach biblical values with Christian school & homeschool curriculum trusted since 1972. Discover proven textbooks, video lessons, & more.
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  • 6th Grade Curriculum Homeschool Learning Objectives. What are sixth graders expected to learn? Before you develop or choose a 6th grade curriculum for your homeschool, it is important to understand the learning goals.
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