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Clive Eric Cussler (born July 15, 1931) is an American adventure novelist and underwater explorer. His thriller novels, many featuring the character Dirk Pitt, have.

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A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure Pirate by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

  • Clive Cussler — Wikipédia (en) The Emperor's Revenge, 2016 (en) Typhoon Fury, 2017; Série Fargo. Cette série suit les aventures de Sam et Remi Fargo, un couple de chasseurs professionnels de.
  • The Romanov Ransom (A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure. Amazon.com: The Romanov Ransom (A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure) (9780399575549): Clive Cussler, Robin Burcell: Books
  • The Gray Ghost (Signed Book) (Fargo Adventure Series #10. The search for a legendary automobile threatens the careers and lives of husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo in this thrilling adventure in Clive.
  • Clive Cussler – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia Życiorys. Clive Cussler urodził się w Aurorze w stanie Illinois, a dorastał w kalifornijskiej Alhambrze. Uczęszczał do Pasadena City College, ale po dwóch.
  • Reihenfolge der Sam und Remi Fargo-Bücher von Clive. Reihenfolge aller zehn Bände der Sam und Remi Fargo-Bücher von Clive Cussler mit Prognose auf den neuen Teil 11. Die Reihe startete im Jahr 2009. Der letzte bzw.
  • Amazon.com: Pirate (A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure. Amazon.com: Pirate (A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure) (9780399183973): Clive Cussler, Robin Burcell: Books
  • Clive Cussler Books In Order - Mystery Sequels if you're looking to read the Clive Cussler books in order, considering that he has several series to date, here is the updated list with books from...
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