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Welcome to Cops n Kids of Tarpon Springs, FL.

The Cops 'n Kids Program opened in 1994 and is a partnership between the City of Tarpon Springs and the Tarpon Springs Housing Authority (HA). The afterschool, holiday break and summer program provides youth learning, enrichment and health opportunities.

There are no Program fees. Scholarships are provided to youth that meet the eligibility requirements. Youth must be between the ages of 9-14 years old at enrollment (younger youth are accepted), must live in Pinellas County and hold free/reduced lunch benefit for school meals or other parent proof of income. Cops 'n Kids Program youth range in age between 8-16 years old. Our daily Program schedule includes academic support, social and emotional skill development, technology awareness, leadership skills, physical fitness and wellness, and personal enrichment such as visual and performing arts to enhance positive youth development.

We have a dynamic Program staff team that really love being with youth inspiring them to experience great success and have fun every day. The special character of the Cops 'n Kids Program is the family culture shared between the youth and staff. This value is reflected in long term youth engagement, high daily youth attendance rates and seasoned staff in the Program. Over the years we have enjoyed seeing so many youth graduate from high school and continue being successful in many ways. We are especially proud to have youth become Junior Youth Leaders and full time Program staff when they become adults.

If you are interested in enrolling or learning more about the Cops 'n Kids Program, please contact the Program Director Brian Schroeder at #727-366-7495, email him at brian@copsandkids.us or call him at the center #727-934-4800. We look forward to hearing from you...

Tarpon Springs Police Department and Housing Authority in Partnership

The Cops 'n Kids Program is a partnership between the City of Tarpon Springs and the Tarpon Springs Housing Authority (HA). The program center opened in 1994 with the purpose of becoming a role model program staffed by the Tarpon Springs Police Department Officers and youth development educators. Administration, personnel and programming policy and practice are facilitated by the HA. The mission of the Tarpon Springs Housing Authority agency is to enhance the Tarpon Springs community by developing and professionally managing housing that is affordable for low to moderate income individuals and families. We seek to nurture our neighborhood and residents by creating and supporting services that promote stability and self-sufficiency for the people we serve. We are committed to operating in an efficient, ethical and professional manner while forming partnerships with our residents and appropriate agencies which help us carry out our mission. It's our policy to serve our customers without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, having AIDS, physical handicap, or disability.

555 East Harrison Street
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Cell (727)-366-7495

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